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End unlimited subsidies to megafarms

From our partners at the Center for Rural Affairs:

Please sign our petition to help ensure farm program payments help the small and mid-size family farms they are intended to serve.

The time is long overdue to close the loopholes that mega-farms use to get around payment limits, access virtually unlimited federal payments, and use those payments to drive their smaller neighbors out of business. In 2007 then Presidential candidate Barack Obama pledged to close those loopholes. Fulfilling that pledge is long overdue as well. The Obama Administration has the authority to do this now. And the time is now for them to deliver on the promise President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden made while campaigning for vote in Iowa.

Stand with us today, sign the petition, and make sure your voice is heard!


The Iowa Farmers Union is seeking a Membership Coordinator

Iowa Farmers Union is seeking a self-directed, energetic organizer wanting to change the debate about agriculture in The Heartland. Iowa Farmers Union is enjoying a resurgence of diverse, energized and progressive leadership and wants to maximize this opportunity with professional staff. The primary responsibility of the membership coordinator will be to grow Iowa Farmers Union membership in order to increase the organization’s effectiveness with policymakers and its farmer members.

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Iowa Legislature still discussing agricultural budgets

This past week began slowly, with the Senate working on Monday and Tuesday, but not Wednesday, and the House choosing to wait for Wednesday to call their members in. At this point, it became clear leadership was going to take a run at adjourning on Saturday. Those plans failed as negotiations on key budgets slowed. However, the push last week clears a path for adjournment this coming week if the will is still there. The Justice Systems and Education budgets were finalized this week, and sent to the Governor. Additionally, the Health and Human Services Budget was sent to conference committee. Retiring legislators began their retirement speeches in a sure sign that the session is winding down.

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