New Member Sept Logo jpg copyWhy Iowa Farmers Union membership?

Here’s what a few of our members had to say:

“I support family farms. We need them.”

“I want to be represented in Des Moines and Washington.”

“I want to fight for sustainable farming in Iowa.”

“I love policy. I’m kind of a wonk.”

“Many people have made our [farming] success possible and now it’s our turn to help the next generation find and benefit from like-minded farmers.”

“Membership can empower a new generation of progressive farmers to share our voices and spread our vision for Iowa agriculture.”

Sally & Stacey Weets & Mom

“My daughter is a member and now I am, too.  I’m just so glad you guys are out there.”

“I wanted to use some of the member benefits.”

“Debbie [IFU Membership Director] wouldn’t leave me alone!”

What makes Iowa Farmers Union different?

  • Our mission is our North Star. Iowa Farmers Union has been around for more than a century and of course, leadership has changed, strategies and activities have grown and changed with shifting agricultural climates but our core mission of strengthening family farms through education, legislation and cooperation and providing Iowans with sustainable production, safe food, a clean environment and healthy communities has not wavered.  IFU remains resolutely committed to promoting family farm agriculture in Iowa.
  • Farmers lead the way.  The key to IFU’s staying power and success is its grassroots structure.  Our Board of Directors consists of farmers from across the state and the majority of our members are family farmers. That’s where it all starts.  When it comes to policy discussion, all members may participate but only those actively farming may cast a vote.
  • IFU welcomes allies.  In order to accomplish our mission, we know that allies are important. IFU welcomes as members, individuals and organizations that align with our mission. Non-farmers are welcomed into the organization as ‘Friends of the Family Farmer’ (non-voting).  IFU has led and been a part of a number of coalitions formed to work on specific issues.
  • IFU works to create and support an informed, empowered and energized membership.  IFU wants you to know that what’s happening on your farm and in your community and how proposed policy may affect both, is the most important tool you have when talking with legislators.  We keep you informed with emails, newsletters and alerts. We also provide cradle-to-grave educational programming at little or no cost to our members. These include summer camp for kids, Beginning Farmers Institute, workshops, webinars, field days and legislative lobby days.

What is ‘New Member September’ and why are you always talking about membership?

New Member September is a fun, month-long initiative aimed at increasing awareness and building membership. Member or non-member, you can get involved and help grow IFU. Of course, we want you to have fun while building a strong, vibrant organization, so we’ve added some perks.

  • Week One (Sept. 1-8):  Everyone joining as a new member or sponsoring a new member has a chance to win a   $25 gift card from Casey’s General Store.
  • Week Two (Sept. 9-15):  Everyone joining as a new member, or sponsoring a new member has a chance to win a $10 gift card from Casey’s General Store and a great IFU Swag Basket.
  • Week Three (Sept. 16-22): Everyone joining as a new member or sponsoring a new member has a chance to win a $15 Cabela’s gift card and a vintage metal ‘IFU Member’ sign.
  • Week Four (Sept. 23-30): Everyone joining as a new member or sponsoring a new member has a chance to win a $25 Casey’s General Store gift card.

Any individual responsible for signing up or sponsoring 5 or more new members will receive a free admission to our statewide Annual Convention to be held November 30th & December 1st at the Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa.

National Farmers Union also rewards members through their  Membership Awards Program.

Click here to find out more:  NFU Membership Awards

Are you renewing your membership?  Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you.  We know that membership renewal is the key to a strong, vibrant organization. Everyone renewing their membership in September, (including expired memberships) will have a chance to win an IFU swag bag and a beautiful wooden bowl hand-carved by Aldo Leopold’s nephew

QUESTIONS?    Will signing up

Contact IFU Membership Coordinator Deborah Bunka

(515) 451-8492

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