ACTION ALERT: Ask Governor to veto closure of Leopold Center

IFU Friends:

Last night the legislature voted to send two appropriations bills to Gov. Terry Branstad that would eliminate the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

We need your calls TODAY to the Governor’s office to ask him to veto the provisions of these bills that would result in the defunding and closure of the Leopold Center:

  • The education appropriations bill (HF 642) eliminates a $397,417 annual appropriation from the state’s general fund to the Leopold Center.
  • The agriculture & natural resources appropriations bill (SF 510) reassigns revenue from a tax on sales of nitrogen fertilizer, moving it from the Leopold Center to the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Fund. SF 510 also mandates the closure of the Leopold Center effective July 2017.

The Governor has the power to exercise a line-item veto and remove these harmful provisions from the appropriations bills being sent to him.

Call the Governor’s office at (515) 281-5211 and ask Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds to stand up for Iowa farmers and continue to invest in the the innovative agricultural research that has made the Leopold Center a national leader in sustainable agriculture for three decades.

You can also send a written message to the Governor’s office on their website:

Gov. Terry Branstad signed the Groundwater Protection Act in 1987, creating the Leopold Center to improve the sustainability and resilience of Iowa farms struggling through a farm crisis. The Groundwater Protection Act and the Leopold Center are important parts of the Governor’s early legacy in office.

Family farmers once again face a tough farm economy, and Iowa is facing unprecedented challenges with water quality and the sustainability and resilience of our farming system. Ask Gov. Branstad to protect the legacy of groundbreaking policy first enacted on his watch, and not go backward at a time when Iowa so badly needs to move forward.

Iowa Farmers Union
PO Box 1883 Ames, IA 50010-1883