#ActOnClimate Caucus 2020 Resolution

WHEREAS The worst effects of climate change are impacting the public, our planet, and our food supply;

WHEREAS Immediate action must be taken to reduce green house gas emissions and increase renewables energy production;

WHEREAS Steps must be taken to incentivize carbon sequestration techniques in the agriculture industry to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change; 

BE IT RESOLVED THAT:  we support:

  1. A 45% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030 and reductions to net zero emissions by the year 2050. 
  2. Increased renewable energy production in Iowa to 100% by 2030.
  3. Monetary incentives for farmers implementing regenerative agriculture practices such as no-till farming, long term rotations, cover crops, grass waterways and buffer strips. 

Iowa Farmers Union
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