Call for Project Proposals

Connecting Local Food, Early Childhood Education, and Healthy Communities

The Iowa Farmers Union is seeking an entity or individual to partner with in a project to enhance local and regional food systems and their interaction with early childhood education providers. This project is part of a long-term initiative that aims to increase access to healthy, local food for Iowans by promoting healthy eating in education and childcare institutions and by creating better systems to connect local growers to these markets. The project will focus on building relationships, convening stakeholders, and researching relevant existing policy. The outcome of this stage of the project is twofold: to create a set of policy recommendations for action at the local, state, and federal level and to build ownership with core partners to ensure engagement that lasts beyond the two-year scope of the project.

The awardee for this contract will focus on four main activities. They will convene meetings on a regular basis to plan and evaluate project activities. They will research other similar policies and programs for use by stakeholders, as well as identifying main challenges and opportunities. They will facilitate communication between stakeholders, including collecting policy priority surveys and holding discussions and forums. They will work closely with IFU and other stakeholders to develop and promote a set of policy recommendations.

Interested parties should submit a proposal to complete the project for a two year contract ending in December 2020. Proposals should be no longer than 4 pages and should include information regarding the qualifications and background of the contractor including specifics regarding involvement in policy development, the local/regional food system in Iowa, and early childhood education systems.  Examples of previous work and its relevance to this project should be included along with references. Follow the link below to download the full call for proposals.

Proposals should be submitted to Aaron Lehman, IFU President, [email protected] by March 20, 2019.

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