Earth Day was founded fifty years ago as an observance of the natural world and how we all have taken it for granted. This effort is not usually associated with farmers.In the spirit of Earth Day we would like to thank the stewards of our heartland. The family-scale farmers and ranchers who are challenged day-in and day-out to recognize the natural world as a partner in their livelihood. .  Taking it for granted would jeopardize the well being of the land and way of life they are often rooted to by generational ties. For these folks, life on their farm or ranch has shaped who they have grown to become. For many, It is where they are raising their children and where they hope to see their children’s children raised. 

Agriculture is constantly wrestling with a number of issues regarding our balancing roles as stewards of our natural resources; producers of food, fiber, and fuel; and thoughtful members of our communities.  Among these are the need for biodiversity; the appropriate use of fossil fuels; the striving for living soils and clean water; the ever-growing pursuit for economic and social justice for farmers; and the efforts to secure a safe, abundant, and healthy food supply for our community.  

An increasing number of farmers are taking action on their land using vital restorative and regenerative agriculture practices. It is with these practices that we can overcome global challenges such as a changing climate. By implementing these practices, stewards of our heartland have the power to restore a healthy balance for our earth. Our country’s soils have the potential to store nearly 300 million tons of carbon per year. No real solutions regarding climate change can be found without farmer solutions.

The Iowa Farmers Union asks you to not only to consider Earth Day’s fiftieth anniversary this month as important to agriculture, but to consider the farmers who have dedicated their lives to stewardship of our valued heartland.

To learn more from our farmers using regenerative agriculture practices on their operations, we invite you to participate in our webinars on April 29, May 14 and May 28. To learn more or to register, click HERE.


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