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Restoring Water Quality by Improving Accountability in the Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Iowa communities & farm families deserve safe, drinkable water; Iowa needs a plan for water quality that sets specific goals, measures progress, and provides adequate & sustainable funding.

  • In 2015, E.coli & toxic algae blooms closed over 2 dozen state park beaches in Iowa.
  • More than 60 Iowa cities have faced unsafe nitrate levels in their drinking water in the past 5 years.
  • In 2016 the USGS reported record nitrogen levels in the Mississippi River & a “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico that has grown to 6,800 square miles.
  • The Natural Resources Trust Fund approved by voters in 2010 remains unfunded by the legislature.

Iowa’s family farmers are proud to serve as stewards of our land and water, and they have been asked to invest significant time, acres, and dollars in implementing conservation and pollution control measures on their farms as part of the state’s strategy to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in our waterways. To ensure that both farmers’ resources and public funds are expended in a cost effective manner, we support legislation to:
  • Establishing both statewide and local watershed goals, with a 20-year timeframe for meeting the overall goal and 5-year interim benchmarks to measure progress toward that goal;
  • Providing adequate and sustainable funding to support implementation of the strategy, including funding of the Water, Land & Legacy amendment to the Iowa Constitution; and
  • Creating requirements and uniform statewide standards for water quality monitoring to accurately measure both the impact of local programs and overall progress toward the statewide goal.


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