December 20, 2021

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Skyrocketing Fertilizer Costs Illustrate the Need for “Fairness for Farmers”

NEVADA – In the face of skyrocketing fertilizer costs, the Iowa Farmers Union calls for renewed action to address anti-competitive behavior in agribusinesses. 

“Now more than ever we need drastic action to address monopolistic behavior that hurts farmers and consumers alike,” said Aaron Lehman, Iowa Farmers Union President. “Price increases in fertilizer are far above and supply and demand issues. The companies in control of the industry are simply finding a way to take a bite out of farmer profitability.”

In just a year, potash prices have increased by 129%, urea prices are up 143%, and anhydrous ammonia prices are up 208%.

The Farmers Union “Fairness for Farmers” project details the massive damage done to farmers, rural communities, and consumers resulting from the unprecedented concentration of economic power in agribusiness. To learn more or get involved in the movement, visit # # #