The IFU legislative policy book is a dynamic, working document that reflects the priorities of our members. IFU policy changes over time as the priorities of our members change. Your active participation in the policy debate at our annual convention is critical to creating a policy document that reflects the best ideas and interests of our members.

Click here to view and print a copy of the 2017 IFU Legislative Policy.

To help facilitate our policy discussion at the upcoming convention, we have created a form to submit your proposed amendments in advance. You can either:

(1) Submit a proposed amendment on-line using the form below, or

(2) Download & print a copy of the form here, fill it out, and send it to the IFU state office or bring it with you to the convention.

*Note: You may submit a policy proposal even if you are not able to attend the convention in person. Members present at the convention will discuss and vote on any proposals received prior to the policy debate on Friday, December 1.

Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas to update our policy for 2018!