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IFU members participating in Farm & Food Lobby Day

The Iowa Farmers Union is a grassroots organization made stronger by the ideas and participation of our members. When you join IFU, you give us a more powerful voice for the policies that you care about. IFU promotes our member priorities in Des Moines & Washington, DC with a powerful & effective combination of advocacy efforts:

  • A high-quality professional government relations team that brings the voices of our members directly to policy makers;
  • The grassroots advocacy of our members, including the annual IFU Farm & Food Lobby Day at the State Capitol and the annual NFU Fall Fly-In in Washington, DC.

Our legislative policy and priorities originate with our members and are debated and voted on each year at our annual convention.

Download a copy of the 2019 Legislative Policy approved

This document contains the official legislative policy positions of the Iowa Farmers Union and addresses a broad range of federal & state issues impacting family farms and rural communities.

In addition, our members have identified a list of priority issues that are the primary focus of our state-level legislative advocacy:

(1) Restoring Water Quality

Our rural communities and farm families deserve clean water that is safe for our children to drink; we need a comprehensive plan for water quality that targets watersheds with specific goals, has consistent implementation and monitoring, and provides adequate and sustainable funding for the farmers and communities working to achieve those goals.

Read more about our efforts to restore safe, drinkable water for Iowa communities & farm families by visiting our Water Quality Resource Page.

(2) Promoting Family Livestock Farms

We oppose the market concentration & consolidation that have displaced so many of our independent family livestock farms and replaced them with industrial-scale facilities controlled by out-of-state corporations; we need a plan for the rural economy that promotes independent, locally-owned family farms and provides a high quality of life for rural communities.

Read more about our efforts to support Iowa’s independent, locally-owned family livestock farms by visiting our Livestock Resource Page.

(3) Growing Local Food Systems

We can build a more vibrant and resilient farm and food economy in Iowa by pursuing a policy food independence, supporting the growth of diversified family farms, and investing in local, farmer-owned marketing & processing facilities.

Read more about our efforts to promote and expand local & regional food systems by visiting our Local Foods Resource Page.

(4) Protecting Farms from Pesticide Drift

Iowa farm families have a right to basic legal & financial protections when negligently applied chemicals destroy a crop, damage a farm business, or harm the health of farm families & farm workers.

Read more about our efforts to improve the resources and protections available for farmers and other Iowans impacted by pesticide drift by visiting our Pesticide Drift Resource Page.

Download a copy of our 2019 Member Priorities to share with your legislator.

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