Regenerative Agriculture Lunch & Learn Webinar Series 

Join us as we hear how Iowa farmers and professionals are connecting regenerative agriculture practices with Iowa operations, all while positively 

Tuesday, Oct. 12 from 12:30-1 pm CT – Lunch & Learn The COVID Crisis in Rural America with Fred Ullrich

According to a recent report by the Rural Policy Research Institute, rural Americans are dying of Covid at more than twice the rate of their urban counterparts. Fred Ullrich, a University of Iowa College of Public Health research analyst who co-authored the report says, part of the problem is that Covid incidence rates in September were roughly 54 percent higher in rural areas than elsewhere. Join us during this addition to our Lunch & Learn schedule as we sit down with Fred and discuss the surge of Covid-19 deaths and why mortality rates are so much higher in rural areas.

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Thursday, Oct. 14 from 12:30-1 pm CT – Lunch & Learn with Lisa Schulte Moore

Join us for a Lunch & Learn talk with Lisa Schulte Moore, landscape ecologist, and MacArthur Fellow. Lisa will discuss how she works closely with farmers to build more sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. She combines expertise on the environmental, economic, and policy aspects of large-scale agriculture and food production with an ability to communicate practical information directly to landowners about ways to make their land both more productive and more sustainable over time.


Thursday, Oct. 21 from 12:30-1 pm CT – Lunch & Learn – Town Hall with Rep. Cindy Axne

IFU invites members to attend a Lunch & Learn style town hall discussion with Iowa’s Third Congressional District Representative Cindy Axne. The Congresswoman will share remarks and receive questions from the audience.

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Thursday, Oct. 28 from 12:30-1 pm CT – Lunch & Learn – Bet the Farm with Author Beth Hoffman

Join us as we sit down with Beth Hoffman, Monroe County farmer and author of Bet the Farm:The Dollars and Sense of Growing Food in America. Beth will discuss her move from San Francisco to her husband’s family farm after reporting on food and agriculture for 25 years, the challenges of getting started in agriculture today and the difficult finances of farming. 

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